Employment Opportunities with Enable

Closing date of the following posts is Friday 24th April 2015

We have a variety of employment opportunities:

Manual Note Takers in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk

CSWs with BSL Level 2/3 in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk

Business Support , based in Ipswich.  Part time

for more information on any of these posts please contact

Jane on jane@enablesupport.co.uk

Enable is a small local company.
We pride ourselves on
knowing our staff and customers well,
meeting and matching their needs appropriately.

Enable Support Services is now a
3rd Party Reporting Centre for Hate Crime

For more information about Hate Crime,
what it is and how to report it, please click on the link


Enable work with and for adults, and children and families locally in Suffolk, some parts of Essex, Cambridge and Norfolk, as well as providing training services to organisations nationally.  We have built a reputation for being creative and innovative around the services we offer, always striving to provide the customer with the service that best suits and most appropriately meets their needs.

With Enable you can be assured of our commitment to providing quality services and a high staff skill base. 

We currently have contracts and accreditations with local and national organisations and authorities, and can provide evaluation and feedback from our customers on our Stats and Performance page.

“Every issue was covered exceptionally well.  Very informative, amazed at the things learnt, availability of aids and variety of course very interesting and easy to understand.............”  (Sensory Awareness Training delegate in Leeds)

Throughout the pages of this site you will find information on all of the services we provide.  However, if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, please do contact us to see if we can develop a service to meet your requirements.  You can do this via the Contact Us page.

Professionals working with children or adults who have a sensory loss might also like to check out the Practitioners page, which hosts information relevant to work activity and practices.


"It was perfect for the time and beautifully delivered.  Great imaginative fun.  The children loved it and are still talking about it"
(Intro to BSL for children, Suffolk)

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